Social Enterprise Day 2022

Wana Bana Design

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Lili Rengifo founder of Wana Bana Design is a Netherlands based Columbian social entrepreneur. She moved to the Netherlands In 2006 with the purpose to improve labour conditions and reduce material waste in Dutch factories as a Continuous Improvement consultant. With a mission to empower people to help them to improve their own environment. In 2013 she decided to do what she loves and started her own social entrepreneurship Wana Bana. Wana Bana Design focuses on empowering single mothers so they can work at home and take care of the children as they do it in Columbia. Wana Bana supports Colombian Designers that employees single mothers under fair labour conditions. They follow the 10 Fair Trade Principles from World Fair Trade Organisation. Lili personally visit their ateliers to ensure they are following these principles and as a consultant I give them free advice on how further improve them if needed. Wana Bana wants to create a market in the Netherlands for these designers in order to increase their production volume and have even bigger social impact. Wana Bana also advices them in how to improve their products so they are more aligned with the Dutch market. And finally Wana Bana inspires dutch women to express their unique self by wearing these amazing unique, full of colour and rebel designs following slow fashion principles (buy less, buy better and invest in success) through events and social media.