De Janskerk

Celebrating change makers in an entrepreneurial society 

‘There is nothing more practical than a good theory’. This quote comes from Kurt Lewin, a former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of the pioneers in social psychology. It is precisely the integration of theory and practice in the field of social entrepreneurship that made Utrecht University launch its Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (SEI) in 2013 with the support of organisations as diverse as ABN AMRO, Tony’s Chocolonely, Van Doorne and Social Enterprise NL.

If one thing has become apparent in previous years, it is that ‘social entrepreneurship’ means different things to different people. Nevertheless, the field has made significant progress during the last decade – not in the least through the efforts of the B Corporations and its representative: B Lab.

On June 1st 2017 , we will take stock of this progress and celebrate how far many inspiring businesses have already come in contributing to a more just and sustainable society. Simultaneously, we will renew the call to action to create positive societal impact, by bringing together a diverse set of inspiring, young as well as experienced stakeholders in our entrepreneurial society. There is much work to do. If we only look at the enormous challenges posed by the Sustainable Development Goals, we know we must step up and increase the pace and scope of change.

At the same time, we all know that – despite the fantastic individuals who inspire communities and drive change – we cannot do it alone. Therefore, you are all wholeheartedly invited to be part of this event and contribute to a community of change makers!

Find more info here, register here and join the changemakers!

Programme at the janskerk and faculty of law, economics and governance

13:00     Doors open
13:30     Sparks for changeEddy Bauw (Utrecht University) & Nathan Gilbert (B Lab)
13:45     The Changemaker landscapeH. Hummels (Utrecht University)
14:05     Meet the Changemaker Panel
                 Maurits Groen (Waka Waka)
                 Mariah Mansvelt Beck (Yoni)
                Teyler Padberg (Frambrothers)
15:15    How to be the change workshops

  • Investing in Sociental Challenges
    Eric Buckens (ABN AMRO), Katrin Ley (Pymwymic) & Harry Hummels (UU)
  • Impact Measurement
    Jacoline Plomp (Avance) & Lonneke Craemers (Dopper)
  • Business modeling
  • Why Become a B-corp?
    Nathan Gilbert (B Lab) & Roy Klaassen (Kirkman Company)
  • Ecosystems of social entrepreneurship (Social EnterpriseNL & UU)
    Stefan Panhuijsen (Social Enterprise NL) & Niels Bosma (UU)
  • From Corporate Social Responsibility to social business
    Sjoerd Kamerbeek (VanDoorne)

(select your preference in the registration, limited space available)

16:30    Be the change or…go home!
                Keynote interview led by Leen Zevenbergen and a true changemaker
17:30    Drinks and social bites